craft meets technology

The quote of Michelangelo „Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” reveals one of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist and maker, which is to establish an intimate connection with the material to help it express itself in order to give even a simple object of everyday use an artistic touch.

We are fascinated by natural and technological processes, which result in particular form. In our products, you will not just encounter perfect design, but also experience liveliness of the materials, from which they are made. We search for the best quality, beauty and personality of each single stone, piece of wood or metal. We also understand that the resources that we use and reuse may run out one day.

While creating an object we bring out the hidden character of its materials. This gives our works individuality, makes them and have a soul.

Enjoy our elegant, sustainable, made in Berlin products.

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Do you enjoy to be surrounded by things that enhance the quality of your life? Are you tired of browsing of websites with simular lights or tables? While reading smooth marketing slogans in digital world, you ask yourself who is actually behind them and what they have to do with real life, where these goods come from and if they were made with respect for
people and natural environment?

We also feel the same way and that’s why we don’t focus on marketing, but on design, sustainability and  uncompromising quality of our products. We analyse every new project from an ethical and environmental perspective.

Our strengths are expertise, imagination and authenticity. We are creative and friendly people and we have an honest relationship with our partners and with customers
who always come back to us.

We hope that you can visit us in our showroom starting from November 2021. Until then, please contact us by phone or email or make an appointment in our office.
We will show you our products and advise on design issues.

While purchasing our products you can be sure where you are investing your money – in a genuine family business in Berlin and in products for a lifetime produced by craftsman and manufacturers in Berlin and Central Europe.