craft meets technology

Do you enjoy to be surrounded by things that enhance the quality of your space? Are you tired of browsing thousands of websites with the same lights or tables and don’t have time to check where these goods come from and if they are made with respect for people and the environment? While reading smooth marketing slogans, do you think about who is actually behind it and what this has to do with real life?
We also feel the same way and that’s why we don’t focus on marketing, but on design and on uncompromising quality in the production of our objects. We analyse every new project from an environmental perspective.
Our strengths are expertise, imagination and authenticity. We are creative and friendly people and we have an honest relationship with our partners and customers who always come back to us.

You can visit us in our showroom starting from May 2021. Until then, please contact us by phone or email or make an appointment in our office. We will show you our products and advise you on design issues. While purchasing our products you buy quality and beauty and also you can be sure how you are investing your money – in a genuine Berlin family business.