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The quote of Michelangelo „Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” reveals one of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist, designer and maker, which is to establish an intimate connection with the material to help it express itself and, through this, show what is the most inspiring about it. This dialogue creates the quality that gives even a simple object of everyday use an artistic touch.

We are fascinated by natural and technological processes, which result in particular form. In our products, you will not just encounter perfect design, but also experience liveliness of the materials, from which they are made. While searching for the best quality, beauty and personality of each single stone, piece of wood or metal, we also understand that the resources that we use may run out one day.

While creating an object we bring out the hidden character of its materials. This gives our works individuality, makes them and have a soul.

Enjoy our elegant, sustainable, made in Berlin products.

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Our lamps are not ready for sale. We still wait for mandatory certificates and for product registration.

These custom-made lamps bring glamour and character to your space and highlight its qualities. Our lamps are homage to classic industrial and country house lamps. Their production is based on traditional and modern manufacturing methods. The long lifespan of each product embodies responsible use of natural resources. The hand- assembly of each individual lamp enhances the final overall impression and gives rise to an object with a very special charisma. All parts of the body have been individually designed and produced. Thus, the pendant lights are unique enrichment for any space.The pendant lights are available in different versions.





Unser Weintisch
Aus Stahl und Glass
Weiss oder Schwarz
800 x 800 x 400 mm
600 x 600 x 400 mm
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Unser Kaffeetisch
Aus Stahl und Glass oder Marmor
Weiss oder Schwarz
800 x 800 x 400 mm
600 x 600 x 400 mm
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Unser Beisteltisch
Aus Stahl und Marmor
Weiß oder Schwarz
320 x 320 x 700 mm


We create objects from historic Berlin pine wood not just because the use of recycled materials is responsible, but first of all because it has better quality than its modern counterpart and it represents an interesting part of Berlin’s architectural history. Some people could think that we are crasy, poor or that we waste our time. But for us it is very rewarding. Collecting thrown away historic architectural elements, beautifull beams with carpenters’ marks or boards that have been used for centuries is saving part of Berlin’s rich history. At the time when the Mietskasernen in the industrial district of Neukölln in Southeastern Berlin were built, most of the wood came from the forests of East Prussia. It was shipped to Berlin by sea from the East Prussian sawmills. For more than a hundred years, this wood served as an architectural element or decorative detail in the Berlin townhouses. Nowadays the scratches and cracks on the old beams and floorboards tell their story and give the furniture we design unique character. Due to good environmental conditions in the growth phase as well as the methods of procurement and processing in the past this material has also incredible durability and beauty. The process of collecting, cleaning, preparying, designing and building furniture from recoverd timber is very demanding and time consuming. The results are breathtaking…

Made of timber collected in the Sander Strasse in Berlin Neukölln
Made of timber saved from an appartment in the Mainzer Strasse in Berlin Neukölln
Made of timber collected in the Biebricher Strasse in Berlin Neukölln
Made of timber collected in
the Biebricher Strasse in
Berlin Neukölln
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