old wood working


Objects made of historic pine tree wood.

We love objects from old wood not only because the use of recycled materials is responsible, but first of all because old wood has better quality than its modern counterpart and it represents an interesting part of Berlin’s architectural history.

Some people could think that we are crasy, poor or waste our time. But for us it is very rewarding. Collecting thrown away historic wooden elements, beautifull beams with carpenters’ marks or boards that have been used for centuries is saving part of Berlin’s rich history.

At the time when the Mietskasernen in the industrial district of Neukölln in Southeastern Berlin were built, most of the wood came from the forests of East Prussia. It was shipped to Berlin by sea from the East Prussian sawmills.

For more than a hundred years, this wood served as an architectural element or decorative detail in the Berlin townhouses. Nowadays the scratches and cracks on the old beams and floorboards tell their story and give the furniture we design a unique character.

Due to good environmental conditions in the growth phase as well as the methods of procurement and processing in the past this material has also incredible durability and beauty.

The process of collecting, cleaning, preparying, designing and building furniture from recoverd timber is very demanding and time consuming. The results are breathtaking…

Made of timber collected in the Sander Strasse in Berlin Neukölln
Made of timber collected in
the Biebricher Strasse in
Berlin Neukölln
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Made of timber collected in the Biebricher Strasse in Berlin Neukölln
Made of timber saved from an appartment in the Mainzer Strasse in Berlin Neukölln