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In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Berlin's industry developed into a global network of trade and cultural exchange and has continued to secure the city's position on the world map to modern times. The post-industrial architecture and the associated with it loft style form the genius loci of contemporary Berlin. Living in a loft is the synonym for big-city life not only in Berlin, but also in London, New York or Łódź. This urban style serves as inspiration for Loft Design Berlin.


You have bought chic furniture from well-known brands and furnished your spaces, but you are still missing something… individual… poetic that no one has, an art object, which will make your place unique. Or maybe you need a special, construction or technically complicated element?

Loft Design Berlin designs and develops site-specific, high-end, custom made solutions, lighting and furniture  for commercial, public and residential spaces. We also work for film and museums developing prototypes for special purposes.

Most contemporary products are mass consumer goods dictated by seasonal fashion trends. Loft Design Berlin offers you a different perspective. We make artefacts carefully designed when it comes to aesthetics, material and function. They are produced from traditional, eco-friendly materials like wood, steel, stone or mouth blown glass. Our philosophy is to create environmentally and socially responsible and beautiful items with character, which will serve for a long time.


Are you tired of hundreds of websites with hundreds of anonymous copy – paste products?

Come to us and enjoy our highest quality, locally made and simply beautiful artefacts. You will be sure how and from what they are made. You will also know where your money goes.

In our work art blends with craft and technology. Each element of the product is carefully designed, constructed, locally or regionally produced and assembled.

In the category PRODUCTS you will find products, which are ready to be ordered. We cooperate with architects and planners, and we also sell items to businesses, public institutions and individuals.

In the beginning of 2021 we will open our family-run SHOWROOM in post-industrial, multicultural and artistic hotspot in the Mainzer Str. 15 in Berlin Neukölln.


Within the range of our services we are happy to support you with our knowlege and experience in all stages of your project – planning, design as well as implementation process. 



Loft Design Berlin offers design workshops on new product development for companies and teams.